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DISCOVER...the 2014 NUAIs!

URTA officially announces our National Unified Auditions and Interviews, with some exciting changes for this year!  We invite you to DISCOVER:

  • No more Screening Auditions
  • NEW – Satellite Auditions
  • Nomination no longer required
  • Design/Tech Portfolio Review in Chicago only
  • Expanded Continuing Education Program offering seminars and hands on workshops for all candidates.

Read on for all the details or click the image above to go straight to the application page!

URTA is a consortium of 39 university, graduate training programs in theatre from across the nation and in the U.K.  Each year, the National Unified Auditions and Interviews (NUAIs) are conducted in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco, allowing candidates in acting, design, directing, stage management, and theatre management the chance to audition and interview for all of its members programs, as well as invited guest recruiters, all in one place. This year URTA is implementing several changes to make it an even greater experience for all involved.



Starting this year, we're doing away with the Screening Audition that acting candidates were formerly required to attend before being passed on to the Final Auditions. This means that every acting candidate is guaranteed to be seen by ALL the recruiters attending the NUAIs.


The Satellite Auditions are a second, optional audition available to all acting candidates, and are attended by Guest Recruiters from non-URTA member institutions. The Satellite Audition will take place the day after the candidate’s URTA audition. To sign up for the Satellite Auditions, just check the box on the application ($15 fee applies).


Candidates no longer need to be “nominated” for the NUAIs by a professor, director, or other theatre professional, as had been the case in the past. Candidates are still required to have completed an undergraduate degree by the fall of 2014, but no other recommendation is necessary. Acting candidates are still strongly encouraged to work with a coach or advisor in preparing their auditions.


URTA has centralized all design, technology, and theatre management recruiting in Chicago. This will enable us to enrich the experience there by adding an extra day and offering new seminars. Our faculty recruiters in all the various design disciplines will be able to take advantage of the depth of candidates to be seen in a single location.


Finally, URTA is expanding our Seminar program with more hands-on, workshop and instructional-focused offerings. Our member faculty and distinguished guests have much to offer our candidates in all areas, and we are working to make this already great added value even better.


As always, we provide special consideration to members of Actors Equity Association and National Finalists (and their scene partners) of the KC-ACTF Irene Ryan Acting competition. This year, qualified applicants in those groups will receive $25 off the NUAI registration fee.

TO REGISTER FOR URTA’S 2014 NUAIs, click over to our Candidate Information page where you can access the online application—but please be sure to read through the instructions, first!  For a quick overview about how our auditions and interviews work, check out our videos HERE.

URTA’s National Unified Auditions and Interviews have been putting together the brightest graduate candidates with the top theatre training programs in the country since 1970. Here’s what some of our student candidates have to say:

“Two short years ago I interviewed in Chicago for this program. It turned out to be the best decision of my life. Thanks for all you do, URTA!”  - David V., Theatre Management MFA

“I loved experiencing URTA. It was such an educational experience and I found a wonderful school that I had no idea about…they reached out to me and it turned out to be the dream program I never knew existed! Thanks!” – Actor, CHI

“It was a great way to be seen by many schools, in one, professional atmosphere. I will definitely recommend this process to others in the future.”  – Gerilyn B., Acting, NYC ‘13

“Going to URTAs was one of the best decisions I ever made. Overall this was a wonderful experience and a great opportunity for students to get a start on their professional career and education. Thank you!” – Tiffany A., Design/Tech, NYC ‘13

The Latest News

  • Continuing Education

    seminarURTA offers a series of workshops and seminars for registered candidates during the NUAIs. Led by faculty from member institutions, distinguished guest artists and industry professionals, these sessions cover a variety of subjects. Some are hands-on, active workshops, and other are discussion oriented. Each session offers a unique chance to gather information and ideas hughapplicable whether you head off to graduate school next fall, down the road, or if you enter the profession directly. They are a great way to get a deeper look at what programs have to offer and for faculty to get a preview of the students -- all while everyone is learning something about each other and interesting subjects. Ticket prices for seminars and workshops are $8 in advance. A limited number of tickets will be available at the door for $10. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP


  • You Could Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card


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    The NUAIs offer the opportunity to audition and interview for the finest theatrical training programs in the US and UK.  

    To register for the 2015 NUAIs and be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card, complete the Candidate Application on our website and pay the application fee. Then, head over to Facebook, "Like" our page, and that's it! We will hold a Random Drawing in February and notify the winners via email.

  • 2014 National Showcase Calendar

    URTA's National Showcase Calendar for 2013 is up and running! List your graduate showcase now!  For full information, head to our Showcase Calendar page.

    To request a calendar password, to add your shool's showcase dates, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

    "URTA's Showcase calendar is such a blessing. It's an incredible resource for agents and casting directors. Congratulations on continuing this most valuable service."
    -Carol Nadell, Casting Director, Selective Casting